Sun Ovens Australia

Sun Ovens are simple solar cookers that cook like an oven. They generally only use the rays of the sun to cook food and can be very versatile.

This site is dedicated to different designs and tips of sun ovens.

There will be plans, tips, photos, manuals and more for the construction of sun ovens.

There will also be testing & cook - off's between various home-made and commercial sun ovens and other solar cookers.

We reguallary use sun ovens to cook food at home, the beach and away. The benefits of using a solar oven are immense
Do you love sun ovens or cooking in the sun? We would love to hear from you!

Please let us know who you are, where you are and your experience with sun ovens or solar cooking in general.

If you have found any sun ovens of great design, ease of use or giving great results we would love to hear about it.

Together we can promote this amazing activity to help people save time, money, their health and the environment!
Sun Ovens Australia is designed for Australians by Australians - though if you are from somewhere else in the world that is great too!