Benefits of Sun Ovens

There are many benefits to using Sun Ovens to cook your food.

  • cost nothing to run
  • give off no pollution
  • keep higher nutrition in the food
  • make the food taste better
  • help food retain juiciness
  • make food more tender
  • save time for the cook
  • are safe even in fire risk areas
  • are fun
Sun Ovens do not generally need to be attended to while they are cooking. This means that you can go off & do other things without worrying about your house burning down!

They are much safer for pets and children than a gas / electric oven.

Sun Ovens are much more forgiving than normal ovens as well - over-cooked food is still tender & flavoursome unlike the charcoal that normal ovens deliver.

Sun Ovens lend themselves to drying (ie fruit leathers, sun-dried tomatoes etc) very well and cost nothing to run for long periods too!

Sun Ovens will not heat up your kitchen or house - or caravan!

Sun Ovens are great for travel too!
If you have any more benefits that you think should be listed here about sun ovens please contact us!
Sun Ovens are GREAT and the benefits keeping growing!