The Global Sun Oven®

Build Quality *****
Features *****
Ease of Use *****
Cooking versatility *****
Temperature *****
Ease of construction *****
Cost ****

Apart from price, the Global Sun Oven® excels in every category. It's design is simply superb. The quality of materials is second to none - truly world class. It is the standard with which to measure all other sun ovens.

Build Quality
Made in the U.S.A. should we go on? The highest quality materials & a design that is amazing - you won't find better.

We can't think of anything that The Global Sun Oven ® is missing. It has an easy to see thermometer, self leveling base, adjustable leg, fold down reflectors, carry handle, insulated cooking chamber, latch that allows lid to be left open marginally, light, compact and easy to carry.

Ease of Use
The Global Sun Oven® is by far the easiest sun oven we have seen to set up. The built in reflectors literally lift up into place in one motion - quite remarkable! There is a rear leg that is easy to adjust the unit to face the sun and inside there is a self-leveling base which doesn't need touching.
Lift - Point - Raise Leg - well that's it!

Cooking Versatility
It is hard to believe that a sun oven can have so many small designs built in to accommodate so much cooking versatility. The Global Sun Oven® will do anything from low temperature, high air-flow drying to baking and roasting or steaming. It will even brown meat!
If you want to do anything at these temperatures but can't in a The Global Sun Oven® please let us know - in two years we've done it all (including pavlova!)
Roasts, Curries, Chops, Mince, Roast potatoes, Pumpkin, Baked potatoes, Breads, Cakes, Pizza, Pies, Biscuits, Lentils, Sun dried tomatoes, Fruit Leather, Steamed Vegies, Rice, Lasagne - everything!

Amazing! The Global Sun Oven® rivals some parabolic cookers! A parabolic cooker gets very hot - but the heat is very hard to use effectively. Sun Ovens rarely reach such high temperatures without very large reflectors. The Sun Oven however does very well and will reach temperatures up to 205ºC (400ºF)
These maximums can be expected on clear, high UV index days and are not just unreachable sales figures.

Ease of Construction
Not Applicable - the Global Sun Oven comes assembled & ready to use!

Some may see the price as a sticking issue with the Global Sun Oven in Australia. Due to high freight & import costs from the U.S.A. the Global Sun Oven seems fairly highly priced. At around Au$600 it is still well worth the price but many may be tempted to try to try to make their own, less effective and lower quality alternative. This considered though, you save 6 - 24 hours of work time where you do not have to run around looking at plans, finding materials & sawing. drilling. glueing etc so may cost you less. As the build quality is so high (the manufacturer can demonstrate units that have been in tribal use for over 15 years & still going strong) again it could end up costing you less than inferior units.
Sun Oven Test
Our reviews will look at sun ovens in the following areas. Tests will be conducted in Perth Western Australia on cloud free days. The solar index will be taken into account as well as atmospheric dust and wind speed.

A variety of foods will be tried over a number of days. The same recipes will be used.

Build Quality
Features (ie thermometer, leveling base etc)
Ease of Use (setup / adjustment)
Cooking versatility
Temperature (Highest & Expected)
Ease of construction
Want to request a review of a sun oven? Please contact us!
We're planning to review the Tulsi Hyvri, Roitas 4 pot and a Vietnamese unit over the next few months.
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