Testing Sun Ovens

When testing a Sun Oven it is important to do so over a number of various scenarios to get an honest indication of whether it will work for your purpose.

Many designs & users only use their sun ovens for particular purposes or in particular situations and if your purpose is different then the sun oven design may be no good for you.

We have personally used the Global Sun Oven® for around two years at home, away, at the beach and park. We have used it for drying, baking, cooking, roasting, steaming - you name it!

You could say that we have thoroughly tested the Global Sun Oven in everyday use over & over. In fact this testing is the main reason that we don't have many reviews or other designs here yet. It has performed so well under so many different situations that we really can't see a better option.

We will still test simply for you - we are convinced nothing will come close but we will let you know the results.

One thing that we think we might use as well as the Global Sun Oven® is a solar drying oven - much larger & able to dry large amounts of fruit leather / sun dried tomatoes etc. A drying oven would not be able to do anything else though very specific. At the moment we use the Global Sun Oven® for this just using trays stacked on top of each other.

Sun Oven Test
Our reviews will look at sun ovens in the following areas. Tests will be conducted in Perth Western Australia on cloud free days. The solar index will be taken into account as well as atmospheric dust and wind speed.

A variety of foods will be tried over a number of days. The same recipes will be used.

Build Quality
Features (ie thermometer, leveling base etc)
Ease of Use (setup / adjustment)
Cooking versatility
Temperature (Highest & Expected)
Ease of construction
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