Making Sun Ovens

Making your own can be fun and rewarding but first a few very important warnings!

Make sure that the materials you use are non toxic and SAFE for high heat and food consumption. We found in Australia that many materials are NOT safe nor suitable.

The cost of the materials is also quite high in Australia and this goes up dramatically for safe materials (ie safety glass). Glass is not all the same and some glass may be safe but not very good for allowing heat into the chamber.

Lack of insulation should be avoided but again insulation that is safe at cooking temperatures is very hard to find.

Make sure that the reflectors are attached properly & that the unit is not a hazard in the wind.

Make sure that the centre of gravity is correct so that the unit doesn't tip over when angled towards the sun.

Plans for Sun Ovens

Soon to be updated!

Here we will put some simple plans - and photos of how to make your own sun oven.

We will have a few projects for you to follow and the results will be made available.
Have any plans for sun ovens you want to share? Feel free to email us! You can help others get into cooking in the sun!